Dedicated to the well being of the dogs in our care.

At Play All Day, we make a big investment in our staff. Our staff members are committed and passionate about the well being of your dog. All team members are trained over a four-week period. Training consists of classroom and hands-on learning. New team members must show competencies in reading dog body language, understanding dog behavior, dog training, and management of playgroups.

The most important skill that our team members learn is understanding dog body language. Dogs speak a language, we just have to understand it and interpret it. There are very strong cues that dogs will give us to let us know if they’re uncomfortable, if they’re happy, if they’re frightened. We just have to listen.

Meet the Team


April Hammer



Kate Dehm

Front Desk Supervisor

Tera Kinkade

Facility Supervisor

Al Smothers

Dog Attendants

Kim Lister
Aly Payne
Mae Wheatley
Jade Parker
Noah Tedford
Kendall Daly
Michelle DeBoer
Paige McMahan
Ciara Sturgis
Ciera Willmon
Maggie Bishop
Jackie Boyd Hetzel
Ethan Upton
Jovon Snoke
Paige Craig
Kegi Carter

Cleaning Crew

Laura Pokarney
Kaylynn Crotz
Tyler Payne
Paityn Miller


Letitia Armburger