Offering the Best for Your Dog

At Play All Day Market, we offer only the best….the best in nutrition, the best in supplements, the best in toys, and the best in customer service.

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Nutrition:  In our opinion, feeding a species appropriate diet is the ultimate goal when feeding your dog, and simply the best way to keep dogs healthy.  A grain free diet, high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and with low to moderate fats is the best thing you can offer your dog. Raw diets are one of the best ways to achieve this, but every dog is an individual and one must always consider budget.  That’s why we are here.  Play All Day can guide you through the process of finding just the right diet, be it raw, freeze dried, canned, or kibble.   And don’t forget treats.  Don’t let poor quality treats ruin the hard work you’ve put into providing a high quality diet.  Play All Day has a wide choice of treats that will enhance your feeding program.

Supplements: By feeding a high quality, species appropriate diet, the need for supplements is minimal.  But we are what we eat, and even with the highest quality foods, some of the essential nutrients may be missing or are out of balance.  We can help you tailor supplements to your chosen diet as well as your dog’s individual needs.  While not often thought of as a supplement, we believe that high quality chews that provide for good dental health as well as brain enrichment are a vital part of any feeding program.

Play:  Being a dog daycare, this is a no-brainer for us.  We are experts at play.  It’s what we do.  We know what dogs like since it is what we do all day long.  We know what toys dogs like, what toys will hold up to rough play and chewing.  We know what toys will help to keep your dog occupied when left alone and what toys will enrich their lives through play.

Customer Service:  Our primary goal is to offer you an excellent experience in our Market.  We are not a big box store.  We are a small shop of committed dog lovers who want the best for you and your dog.  The world of dog nutrition can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices.  We do the research in this area and we can help you narrow down those choices.  For this very reason, we offer free nutritional reviews with recommendations.  Simply call us and we will schedule a time to meet and discuss your dog’s nutritional needs.

Market Hours:  Monday – Friday   6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.     Weekends: Closed