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Our Mission:
At Play All Day, our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and enriching environment for the dogs in our care.

FUN: Play groups with other friendly dogs provides the foundation. Lots of toys, slobbery kisses, fresh air, water, stuff to climb on, and human affection are the icing on the cake.

SAFE: All play is supervised by handlers trained in dog body language, dog play, and positive reinforcement. Our facility is designed for play with plenty of space and rubber mats on the floor to protect joints. And cleanliness is next to “Dogliness” at Play All Day. Every play area is cleaned daily with special cleansers that will help to keep your pooch free of contagious diseases.

ENRICHING: At Play All Day, we specialize in the art of being a dog. Dogs are allowed to be dogs, while under our care. We recognize that each dog is unique and each dog has different needs. We strive to enrich every experience by understanding what each dog’s needs are.

About April Hammer:
I have spent my life in the company of many extraordinary dogs and dog people. This has influenced me greatly and I am thrilled to be able to follow my dream of working with dogs on a full time basis. I am a lifelong student of dog behavior and training. It is not only fascinating to see how dogs learn, but also how they respond to their people and surroundings. I have a special interest in, what I call, “The Art of Being a Dog”. Simply put, this is allowing dogs to be dogs and understanding their need to be what they were intended. Not only is this great for your dogs, but I suggest that it also has a positive effect on their people.

I am a nurse by training and also spent many years in healthcare administration. Along with my work history, my work with Golden Retriever rescue, over the many years, has prepared me for this endeavor. I have developed my skills in reading dog body language and assessing personalities. And most importantly, my work with introducing foster dogs into my home has helped me develop skills in creating fun and safe multi-dog environments which, of course, is vital to dog daycare.

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