About Us
“For me, I knew that loving dogs and wanting to play with dogs wasn’t enough… it was more than just bringing dogs in and letting them play and get exercise and get a lot of energy out. It was more about improving the well being of the dog.” April Hammer | Owner

Our Mission is to Provide
A fun, safe, and enriching environment for the dogs in our care.

Here at Play All Day, our staff-training program and facility design, as well as the high quality retail items we offer in our market, reflect our commitment to fulfilling this mission.

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Meet the Players

Dedicated to the well being of dogs in our care
At Play All Day, we make a big investment in our staff. Our staff members are committed and passionate about the well being of your dog. All of them are trained over a four-week period and have to show competencies before they’re allowed to manage a dog group.

The most important skill they learn is understanding dog body language. Dogs speak a language, we just have to understand it and interpret it. There are very strong cues that dogs will give us to let us know if they’re uncomfortable, if they’re happy, if they’re frightened. We just have to listen.


Experts in daycare, boarding, training, & the well-being of your dog

Stay & Play for the Day
We strive to create a safe, fun and enriching environment for the dogs in our care. Your dog will have access to balls, chew bones, and toys. And, of course, they’ll receive lots of scratches, belly rubs, and lovin’s throughout the day.

Play & stay for the Night
Our hotel guests experience the Play All Day difference: play all day…snooze the night away. Boarding your dog is never easy, but knowing that they’re safe and that they’re having fun really does help.

Cues & Prompts (or Clicks & Cues)
Training is one of the greatest gifts you can give your beloved companion. At Play All Day, our training philosophy is one of positive reinforcement that will encourage your dog to learn and will build and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Eats & Treats
At Play All Day Market, we offer only the best––the best in nutrition, the best in supplements, the best in toys, and the best in customer service. Nutrition is a very confusing topic to most people. We can work with you to answer questions and put a plan in place to offer the right dog foods to meet your pet’s need