Training Classes That Meet Your Needs

Play All Day provides positive reinforcement, science-based training classes led by Certified Trainer & Counselor (CTC) Letitia Armburger. Letitia is an honors graduate and received her CTC from The Academy For Dog Trainers. Letitia is also Delta Institute Certified.
Small class sizes provide a calmer environment and ensure individual attention.

The Details

New sessions start every 4 weeks.

Classes are 4 weeks in duration with a limit of 4 class participants
Classes are held on Tuesday evenings
Foundation Skills Class is held at 6:30 pm
Life Skills Class is held at 7:45 pm

Our Class Offerings:

Our Foundation Skills Class provides training in the basic skills that dogs need to advance into our Life Skills Class, which provides training in behaviors that help your dog to be an excellent companion that you are proud to take out in public.

Foundation Skills Class

Foundation Skills Class Focuses on the following behaviors
- Name Recognition
- Watch Me/Focus
- Sit and Down
- Stay
- And More
In addition to these skills, participants will learn about positive reinforcement training methods, how to better understand dog body language, basic dog behavior, environmental enrichment, and strategies for dealing with behaviors such as jumping, barking, etc

Foundation Skills Class is appropriate for all dogs over the age of three months. Vaccinations must be up to date.

Life Skills Class

Life Skills Class builds upon what is learned in our Foundation Skills Class, focusing on the following behaviors
- Come When Called
- Sit, Down, Stay with greater distractions
- Leave It/Trade
- Polite Greetings
- And More

Life Skills Class is appropriate for all dogs who have participated in our Foundation Skills Class.