At Play All Day, we believe that training is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your dog. 

Not only is training fun and rewarding for a dog, it also strengthens your bond, and most importantly, gives a dog the skills needed to be an active part of a family’s life, both inside and outside of the home.

Training Classes that meet your needs

Day Training – With this option, our Trainer will work with your dog, while at daycare, with one-on-one instruction with you so that you can continue to build on what is learned at the daycare.  Click here to learn more.   Link jumps to the Day Training portion of this page

Group Classes – With this option, you will train your dog in a group class setting, under the direction of one of our trainers.  Click here to learn more.  Link jumps to the Classes portion of this page

Day Training

Our Day Training program is led by Jenny Lapke, KPA-CTP, of the The Good Dog Training Academy.  Jenny is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy.

Day Training is like a jump start for you and your dog’s training.  By having an experienced trainer teach your dog behaviors, learning occurs more quickly, and the results tend to “stick” better.  Throughout the program,  Jenny will then teach you how to ask for and reward the desired behaviors.  Along with individual training for you and your dog, written resources, video resources, and actual video footage of your dog learning are included.

Your dog will participate in Day Training while attending their normal day of daycare.

Here are some of our program offerings (more to come in the future, including custom programs).

Focus & Control

is the cornerstone program of our offerings.  Without the ability to pay attention in distracting situations and the ability to control impulses, more advanced behaviors are impossible.  Exercises geared towards focus on the trainer, targeting, name recognition, and “leave it” are part of the curriculum.  There are two levels of this program; a beginner and advanced level.

Loose Leash Walking

is a program that will teach your dog the basics of walking on a loose leash, inside & outside, with moderate distractions. It should be noted that loose leash walking is an advanced behavior and does require that a dog has a good understanding of many of the skills taught in our Focus & Control program.  For this reason, this offering is only available with approval from our Trainer after an assessment of your dog, or after completion of the Focus & Control program.

Out & About

is another advanced offering that will prepare you and your dog for time together in social settings such as visiting a store, going to the Vet’s office, dining in an outdoor café, and other similar situations.  Focus & Control as well as the Loose Leash Walking program are recommended prior to this offering.  If you feel your dog already has the skills necessary to be successful in the program, our Trainer can evaluate your dog and possibly give approval without those classes.

Customized Programs

and regular ongoing training are also available.  Email or call us to discuss this option further.

Our standard program offering is 4 weeks long.  Your dog will be trained multiple times throughout the day during these 4 weeks.  For some dogs, multiple sessions per day is difficult and over-tiring (especially in addition to daycare).  There will also be an option for fewer training sessions per day, but spread over 8 weeks instead of 4.  Jenny will advise you on what she feels is best for your dog.

The cost of each program is $500

To enroll your dog, click on the online fillable enrollment form below.  Upon receipt of the enrollment form, we will be in touch with next steps.

For questions regarding this program, please email

Group Classes

Our group training classes are led by Certified Trainer & Counselor (CTC) Letitia Armburger. Letitia is an honors graduate and received her CTC from The Academy For Dog Trainers. Letitia is also Delta Institute Certified. Small class sizes provide a calm environment and ensure individual attention. Classes are 4 weeks in duration with a limit of 4 class participants.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings
Foundation Skills Class is held at 6:30 pm
Life Skills Class is held at 7:45 pm

Foundation Skills Class

provides training in the basic skills that help dogs to become good citizens. It is a required class for entry into our Life Skills Class

Foundation Skills Class Focuses on the following behaviors
– Name Recognition
– Watch Me/Focus
– Sit and Down
– Stay
– And More
In addition to these skills, participants will learn about positive reinforcement training methods, how to better understand dog body language, basic dog behavior, environmental enrichment, and strategies for dealing with behaviors such as jumping, barking, etc

Foundation Skills Class is appropriate for all dogs over the age of three months. Vaccinations must be up to date.

Life Skills Class

builds upon what is learned in our Foundation Skills Class, focusing on the following behaviors

– Come When Called
– Sit, Down, Stay with greater distractions
– Leave It/Trade
– Polite Greetings
– And More

Life Skills Class is appropriate for all dogs who have participated in our Foundation Skills Class.

Class Fees

Class fees are $150.00 for each 4-week course. Payment is required to hold your place in class. Payment must be made prior to the first class and payment cannot be accepted on the night of class. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card. We are open to receive your payment Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m – 6:00 p.m. You may pay by any method during those hours. We can also take credit card information by phone, at 698-1200.

Proof of vaccination required. We require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella. Please attach vaccination history to enrollment form. If your dog currently attends Play All Day for daycare, we already have your vaccination records and you do not need to attach to your enrollment form.

**Plans are non-refundable unless we receive your cancellation in writing, one week prior to the start of the first class.