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Training your dogs is one of the greatest gifts you can give your beloved companion.  Play All Day believes in a training philosophy of positive reinforcement that will encourage your dog to learn and will also build and strengthen your relationship with your dog.  We use tools that include buckle collars, no-pull harnesses, head collars, clickers, verbal markers, treats, toys, and praise.

At Play All Day, we believe in science and science is proving that punishment based training is detrimental to, not only your dog’s mental well-being and ability to learn, but also to your relationship with your dog.  Read this article for more information.  For these reasons, we do not use prong/pinch collars, choker chains, shock collars, leash corrections, yelling or physical punishments such as hitting dogs.

Our Innovative Approach to Group Classes

Play All Day offers one of the most flexible group training classes available, known as “Levels Training”.  Levels training is a group program offering unlimited training sessions during the period you are enrolled.  With a Levels membership, you can come to our drop-in classes as often as you like for as long as you like.  Get as much or as little training as you want based on your own expectations for your dog.  Another great benefit of Levels training is there is little to no wait for the next class to start.  You just move up to the next level once your dog has met the criteria.  Check our schedule and rates to see when each level is offered and what package is best suited for you.

Here is what you can expect to learn in each level.

Level 1:  Starting Out.  Level 1 will introduce the basic commands of sit, down, stationary attention, and the name game.  We will also work on teaching your dog to greet people politely (no jumping up).  All dogs (even those with prior training) start in Level 1.  Requirements to move to Level 2: Dog can sit and down on command, can focus on owner for short periods of time, and will readily respond to name.

Level 2: Manners Training.  Level 2 will begin work on walking politely on leash without pulling, paying attention to owner while walking, and ignoring other dogs and distractions.  We will also work on teaching Stay and the foundation of teaching the Come command for a reliable recall.  Level 2 will also include work on Impulse Control, teaching your dog to Wait and Leave It.  Requirements to move to Level 3: Dog can walk 10 ft or more on a loose leash, past 2 other dogs and mild distractions.   Dog will come to owner, 10 ft away.  Dog will stay for 5 seconds with owner 10 yards away.

Level 3: Adding Distractions, Distance, & Duration.  We will work on fading lures for sit and down commands, loose leash walking with more distractions and less luring, stay with increased distractions and duration with owner farther away, and coming when called past more distractions at a greater distance.  We will also work on polite greetings with other dogs and introduce strangers handling your dog.  Requirements to move to Level  4: Dog can sit and down with no lure or movement toward dog.  Loose leash walking without pulling across training area, past several dogs.  Dog will stay for 1 minute with owner facing dog, 15 yards away.  Dog will come when called 20 feet, past 2 dogs.

Level 4: Advanced Training. Level 4 is intended to polish up all of the behaviors learned in Levels 1-3.  Dogs will perform all behaviors with greater distractions, for longer duration, and with the owner at a greater distance away.  Level 4 Goals: Dog can heel off-leash past other dogs and distractions.  Dog will stay for 3 minutes with owner 10 ft away and for shorter periods of time with owner out of sight.  Dog will come when called, past distractions, with owner 30 ft away.  The Canine Good Citizen test could be accomplished by dogs in Level 4.

See our Levels Memberships and Rates here.

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To enroll, complete this enrollment documentation and return to Play All Day by email, fax, or mail. Class-enrollment form.