Many years of research went into the design of the Play All Day facility.

After numerous site visits to successful daycares, I pulled the best from each facility to create a state of the art, home away from home, for your dog. My lifetime pursuit of understanding dogs and their behavior has helped me to create an environment that will meet the needs of the dogs in my care.

Climate Controlled

Play All Day is 100% climate controlled. We also have systems in place to exchange air throughout the day, reducing our risk of contagious diseases.

Protect Those Joints

Our play areas are fully matted with rubber flooring made specifically for dog daycares. Not only does this protect your dog’s joints, it makes for easy clean up so that your dog is always in a clean environment.

Sleeping Comfort

For our overnight guests, suites are available so that it feels a little bit closer to home. Our suites are small rooms, 5 ft. x 8 ft., with raised PVC beds. It’s not home, but it is the next best thing. After a day of hard play, sleep will come easy.


Fencing is designed to keep dogs safe and secure.
• High wood fencing is used outside to cut down on distractions that can get dogs excited
• Gates are double latched and entryways have double gates to prevent escape
• The building is protected by a state of the art, security and fire detection system for those times when the dogs in our care are in the building alone

Indoor | Outdoor Options

Depending on the weather and particular playgroup, Play All Day dogs will have the option of being indoors or outdoors.
• Good weather conditions – play groups may be outside all day, getting plenty of fresh air
• Inclement weather – the indoor play areas offer refuge from heat, cold, or wet
• All weather – dogs will be taken outside regularly, for toileting. We do not want to create toileting problems for you at home, by promoting going inside
• All of our outdoor play areas have synthetic turf which is easy on your dog’s feet and stays mud free so you have a clean dog at the end of the day

Bigger Isn't Always Better

One of the primary lessons learned by visiting other facilities is that if dogs in a playgroup are given too much space, they tend to get excitable. This leads to the “zoomies”. You’ve all seen dogs that just get that wild urge to zoom around the yard as fast as they can. It’s a lot of fun to watch in your backyard, but it can cause troubles in a playgroup of dogs. It brings out the chase instinct in some dogs and this can lead to heightened play and more aggressive behavior. Our play areas are just the right size and have strategically placed obstacles to reduce the “zoomies”.


Convenience is important. We are located less than 2 miles from route 74 and 5 minutes from downtown. Our check-in process is designed to get you in and out quickly so that you can be on your way to work…or wherever you are going.