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Endearing Traits

We’ve had a lot of puppies at Play All Day in the past several months. I am always struck by my emotional response to puppies. I go all gushy inside and just want to nurture them. They are so adorable, yet so needy. And they really don’t understand acceptable dog behavior and communication, let alone dog/human interactions. This lends itself to pretty wild play and often times corrections from the older dogs. But I just sit and laugh at their antics because they are so darn cute. I’m sure this is nature’s way of making sure that mothers don’t kill their young. Because let’s face it, puppies are challenging and can test your patience. One of the things that keeps you from killing them are unique endearing traits.

My Sting is now 8 years old and Graham is 7. They both have unique endearing traits that always make me smile and can still make me go all gushy inside. Graham loves to be around when I put my pants on. He likes to come between my legs after I pull my legs through and get scratches on his chin and neck. Sting likes to greet me by putting his mouth around my arm and leading me around. These things would probably be annoying to other people who don’t know Sting and Graham, but to me, they are a part of our history.

When I watch the Play All Day puppies at play, I wonder what endearing traits their people see in them. I know what traits are making me go all gushy inside, but I wonder if they are the same ones for their people. Some of the puppy traits that have endeared me are Sidney sashaying around with a bone hanging out of her mouth like a cigar, refusing to give up to sleep, Riley jumping straight up into the air like the ground beneath her feet is electrified, Lilly making little “Gremlin” sounds when she chews on her bone, or Newman sitting on one hip, tasting pebbles with his tongue hanging out of one side of his mouth.

When you are sitting at home tonight with your kiddos around you, think back to when they were a puppy or when they first joined your home. What endearing traits drew you in? What will stop you… still today, and make you smile.

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