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Little Investments

The hummingbirds are very active now. I suppose they are loading up the calories in preparation for their upcoming migration. Their feeders are right outside of my kitchen window, so I have good views as I make dog meals, do the dishes, or prepare dinner. I also have a great view of them when I sit on my sun porch and relax. I enjoy them very much, but almost missed them this year.

In preparation for starting a new business this summer, I decided to cut out all of the unnecessary tasks so that I would not be overwhelmed as the business grew. One of the unnecessary tasks was feeding the hummingbirds. I am usually diligent about keeping the feeders full and keeping them clean and did not want this to be just “one more thing” that I had to do. In early May, my hummers arrived, hovering just where the feeder usually hangs and looking in the window as if to say, “Hey Lady, we’re here…where’s the grub?” I told myself that they would move on and find another food source, but they did not and I finally gave in and made their feeders a week later. I don’t regret it. It only takes minutes and I enjoy watching them. It is a small investment to make for the enjoyment I receive.

This incident made me stop and think about what I do invest in. We all like to think that we invest our time wisely. One investment that I never regret is my dogs. My biggest regrets come from not investing in them. They really do require so little from me in order to be happy. Taking 30 minutes to walk them on the grassy path behind our house means so much to them…to smell the smells, roll in the grass, run freely, and be with me. Its such a small amount of time but it means the world to them. When the weather is bad, we play hide and seek in the house or “find the toy”. Again this only takes minutes of my day, but the result is happy and contented dogs. It is so easy to just flop down on the couch for must deserved rest after a busy day, but the next thing you know, it is bedtime and neither you nor your dog has anything to show for the time. So, this week I encourage you to take stock of your investments. Are your dogs included?

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