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Early morning at the daycare has become my favorite time of the day. The hotel guests greet you with enthusiasm, tail wags, and kisses. Today, puppy Sidney gobbles her food down as if she has not eaten in weeks…such enthusiasm (reminds me of a two legged house companion of mine). Murphy (puppy’s older brother) greets me with adoring eyes and leans his whole body into mine for extra lovins. And Cooper bounds down the hall seeking the tennis ball (in the exact spot he left it last night).

And then its outside for the dog’s choice of activities. Most times, this includes a thorough sniffing of the play yard to see what new smells have emerged since last night. Hotel guests get the privilege of putting the first marks on all of the posts and playground equipment. This is a very big privilege in their minds. One might expect exuberant play since the dogs have been in their suites all night. But actually, it’s a calm time. The dogs wander about, sniffing, lay on mats chewing their bones. Games of fetch are subdued. It is very peaceful.

And on days like today, when the weather is so pleasant, its exceptionally nice. We sit outside, watch the birds perch on the fence, feel the sun warm us as it comes up over the trees, and we are dogs…living for this exact moment in time.

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