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What is your nickname? Did you have one as a child? Did it stick or did you get a new one in adulthood? Mine was “Ape” and luckily it did not survive Jr. High School.
I am not a big fan of nicknames for people. I prefer to call people by their proper name. But I must admit that I am ridiculous when it comes to dog nicknames. My poor dogs have to learn a whole litany of names, some related to their actual name and some not even remotely close. If you have ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit about Richard, the annoying office worker whose desk is near the copy machine, who hands out nicknames to those using the copy machine, this is not a bad example of my nickname giving prowess.
To me, my dogs’ nicknames are endearments. In Barbara Cohen and Louise Taylor’s book, “Dogs and Their Women”, Ana Hoel writes of the evolution of her dog Patrick’s nicknames. It goes like this; Patrick, Petrucchio, Trucchio, Truko, Truke Duke, Duke of Dogs, Duke, Duck, Duckie, Ducko, Doog, Doog Mahn, Doogalo, Woovalo, Wover, Woovie, Woovs, Wulfie, Wulf, Fulf, Fluff, Fluffie, Fluff Bucket, Flem Face, Farfell, Farflea Fleabone, Farflono, Farfleato, Flotty, Flots, Flowtron, Flottie, Aeroflot, Bowzer, Beasto, Beasty, Beastly, Sweet Beast, Sweetie Cheeks, Snuggle Bunny.

To me, this is a beautiful example of how dogs are woven into the fabric of our everyday life and how our lives evolve together. Life events initiate a nickname and over time, it evolves into other life moments, with new manifestations of previous nicknames. Nicknames can be a product of our closeness and time spent together.

So, what are your favorite nicknames for your dogs? My Graham is a very serious fellow and he tolerates (just barely) my nicknames. They are Graham Cracker, Grammy, Gam, and Gramba Lamba. Sting has too many to list, but here are a few; Stinger, Sting Ray, Sting-a Ling, Ting Ting, Doodle Bug, Schnoodle Doodle Poodle Head, and Punkin Butt.

I’d love to hear the nicknames you have for your dogs. Please post them on our Facebook post regarding this blog. Let’s see how creative and silly we all are when it comes to our kiddos. Isn’t life with dogs fun?!

p.s. Use this link to enjoy the Rob Schneider skit I mentioned above. It will make you laugh.

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