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Top 5 List

My husband loves to poll people on their top 5 favorites. Top 5 polls may include top 5 movies, top 5 rock songs of all time, and at this time of year, top 5 best Christmas songs. As I was running with the boys at Farmdale Park this week, I contemplated what their top 5 favorite activities would be.


1. Swimming (especially in Wisconsin)

2. Running/Hiking with Mom and Dad

3. Playing at daycare

4. Squirrel watching/chasing

5. Sleeping



1. Eating

2. Chewing a good raw bone

3. Hiking (not too much running please)

4. Snuggling

5. Going anywhere in the car

It wasn’t hard to put these lists together and I’m pretty sure they accurately reflect the way the boys feel. One doesn’t have to be a “Dog Whisperer” to communicate and know what their dogs love. One simply needs to be observant. Dogs are transparent and witnessing their pleasure and joy is easy if we take the time to observe. What is your dog’s top 5 list? If you’d like, post your list to the Play All Day Facebook page. It will be fun to hear what they love to do.

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